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Person-centred care

Our Commitment to you 

Where acceptance is Unconditional. We aim to provide a person-centred care, hence delivering the services you want, how you want it and in the comfort of your own home. 

We provide a flexible service which responds effectively to your changing needs and priorities. We pride ourselves in working hand in hand with families to keep our customer in control of their own care as much as possible as we believe in this way, we are able to satiate the needs of our clients better and communicate effectively in a manner in which we perform optimally. 

Our compliments, concerns and complaints procedure

Kyah Services welcomes feedback as this helps us to improve our services. We are transparent when managing complaints and concern, we update on our progress frequently and ensure to keep you informed. All home care customers receive a copy of our policies and procedure when the service starts. We ensure that you know how to make your voice heard, their need for dignity, choice and human rights respected. 

Confirming the quality of our home care service

Our CQC registered managers will regularly check that you are satisfied with the service that you receive from us. We are passionate about quality hence our Quality Assurance policies plays a key part in our quality management process. This enables us to be responsive to the personal needs of our service users. 

Our Care workers are diligently trained to a minimum of Level 2 NVQ in Health and Social Care which ensures that they have the experience and knowledge to provide holistic care whilst maintaining privacy and treating our clients with respect and dignity.



Kyah Services includes but not limited to:

  • We cover anything from a check-in visit to 24-hour live-in care and also personal care

  • We can also cover your care needs on a temporary short-term basis if your permanent provider is unavailable due to absence or cover after an illness. As well as providing more long term care. 

Our trained carers perform the following tasks (note this list is not exhaustive):

  • Helping with the start of the day: getting up, getting washed and dressed. Make breakfast, support with medication; as well as remind you and assist you in taking medicines. If required, can return or collect medication from your dispensing GP surgery or a pharmacy

  • At Mealtime: help prepare meals as well as assist at mealtimes

  • For Outings; we can collect your pension with or for you, help make a shopping list and shop with you, help go to the shops as well as sort out the shopping afterwards. We can also support with social activities like attending the day centre, church, a club, going out for a walk, visiting family and friends.

  • Within the household; we help with the washing, ironing and keeping the house clean.

  • Personal care; we visit to organise a bath, get into clean clothes, fresh bed linen and prepare meals before bedtime. 

  • If required, at the end of each day we can help with getting ready for bed